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2017-2018 Season

Guatemala from 33,000 km: Contemporary Art, 1960 - Present

5x5: Celebrating Westmont College’s 80th Anniversary

Africa through Its Sculpture: The Lifshitz Collection

Graduate Exhibition 2018

Night and Day: Tri-County Juried Exhibition 2018

2016-2017 Season

Dug Uyesaka: long story short

Worlds in Stone: China, Japan, Korea, and North America

Bowers/ERRE: So Close and So Far

Ingrid Hernandez: Border and Immigration Photography

Celebrating John Moses and SlingShot Artists

Human Rights Today: Challenges for the Future Lecture with Alison Brysk

Bowers/ERRE: A Conversation Beyond Borders

As of Yet UNKNOWN: Westmont Graduate Exhibition 2017

Art Council Spring Trip 2017: Hilbert Museum and Bowers Museum

Out of Place: Tri-County Juried Show

How Modernism Came to Santa Barbara: 1945-1990

Kenneth Jewesson Fundraiser

Summer Ceramic Workshop

2015-2016 Season

Wesley Anderegg Ceramic Sculpture

ArtWatch 2015:

tug: Dane Goodman and Keith Puccinelli

Saar, Serra, Surls, and more: Thirty New Acquisitions in Contemporary Art

Barbizon, Realism, and Impressionsm in France

16 Hands: Floyd County Potters, Virginia

Bonjour de France! A French Family Day

PRIMED: Westmont Senior Graduate Exhibition 2016

Joie de Vivre: Tri-County Juried Exhibition

Summer Exhibition: Women Sculptors

2014-2015 Season

5x5: Celebrating Five Years – Exhibition and Online Auction

Byron Temple & Mary Law: A Continuing Legacy in Clay

ArtWatch 2014: Young Careers – SB to Greater LA

Chakaia Booker

William Castellana: South Williamsburg Street Portraits

Rembrandt and the Jews: The Berger Print Collection

Rembrandt and the Jews: A Symposium

Maker's Dozen: Senior Art Exhibition 2015

VITAL: Tri-County Juried Exhibition

2013-2014 Season

Invisible Realms: Encountering the Sacred


Impulse and Connoisseurship: Selections from the Forde Collection

Walking in the Spirit: American Visionary Artists

SPECIAL EVENT – American Family Folk Festival

34°26'59.33"N, 119°39'43.29"W: Senior Exhibition

Made You Look: Annual Tri-County Juried Exhibition

2012-2013 Season

Jan Albert Fürst Kolstad: Prints
Brad Howe: Sculpture Garden
Journeys: Westmont Alumni Artists' Invitational
Dreamkeepers: Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Artists
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot: The Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree Collection in Context
12 Speed: Senior Exhibition
Confluence: Tri-County Juried Show

2011-2012 Season

Eric and Heather ChanSchatz: Universal Platform
Jenchi Wu Sculpture Garden
Voskuyl Library Exhibitions Fall 2011:
5X5: An Invitational
Continua in Light: Video Installation by Cheryl Calleri and Thekla Hammond
Mexican Prints: Selections from the Gil Garcia and Marti Correa de Garcia Collection
Rafael Perea de la Cabada: Alien Heartland
SPECIAL EVENT - Dias de Mexico: A Family Festival
Westmont Senior Exhibition 2012
LIFT: 2012

2010-2011 Season

John Carlander: Highlights from a Thirty-Year Career
Paul Lindhard Sculpture Garden
Form and Function: Ceramic Artists in California
Selections from the Permanent Collection: Celebrating 25 Years
SPECIAL EVENT - The Discerning Eye: An Art Collector's Symposium
Westmont Senior Exhibition 2011
Voskuyl Library Exhibitions

FALL 2010 Christopher Clother: Drawings

SPRING 2011 An Art Connoisseur's Library: Gifts from Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree

2009-2010 Season

Sordid and Sacred: The Beggars in Rembrandt's Etchings

Rebrandt Lecture by Getty Associate Curator Anne Woollett

Photographs by Zwelethu Mthethwa
Dan Patterson Sculpture Garden
Gee's Bend Quilters: Selections from Paulson Press
American Viewing Stones: Selections from the James and Alice Greaves Collection
Kiyoshi Saito Prints
SPECIAL EVENT - Japanese Family Festival: A Celebration of Arts and Culture
Senior Exhibition 2010
Views and Visions: Travelers featuring Joshua Cave

Views and Visions prize winners announced

2008-2009 Season

Language Skills: New Work by Martha Ensign Johnson
Donald Davis Sculpture Garden
Form and Function: A Ceramics Invitational
Miriam - Virgin Mother: New Work by Bruce Herman
Dutch Prints from the Age of Reformation
Senior Art Exhibition 2009
Views and Visions: Interior Space featuring Cheyenne Ellis

2007-2008 Season

Georges Rouault: Miserere et Guerre
Ed Inks Sculpture Garden
Storytellers: Children's Book Illustrators
Faculty Exhibition
Senior Art Exhibition 2008
Views and Visions: The Shoe featuring Nathan Rohlander

2006-2007 Season

Cort Savage: Scattered Man and the Particle
Ken Bortalozzo: A Retrospective
Form and Function: A Ceramics Invitational
Harry Carmean: The Figurative Tradition
Senior Art Exhibition 2007
Views and Visions: The Still Life featuring John Morra

2005-2006 Season

Richard Diebenkorn: Unseen Santa Barbara Works
R. Kenton Nelson: One-Man Show
Faith, Culture, Calling: The Irvine Guest Artist Show featuring Lara Scott, Makoto Fujimura and Elmer Yazzie
Senior Art Exhibition 2006
Views and Visions: The Landscape featuring Cory Steffen

2004-2005 Season

The Florence Portfolio: Sacrifice
Painted Faith: Traditional New Mexican Devotional Images
Faculty Exhibition
Senior Art Exhibition 2005
The Power of WORD

2003-2004 Season

Excavating the Image: Biblical Subjects by Wayne Forte
Storytellers: Children's Book Illustrators
Bearing Witness: Recent Paintings by Susan Savage
Senior Art Exhibition 2004
Form and Function: A Ceramics Invitational

2002-2003 Season

Tim Lowly: Trouble the Water
Denise Adams: Of Sky and Land
The Art of Devotion: Photographs by Brad Elliott
Photographs and Artifacts: A Southwestern Chronicle featuring the photographs of Raymond Reid and Henry and Mary Weaver from the collection of Mark Hayden
Senior Art Exhibition 2003
About Face

2001-2002 Season

Freedom featuring new work by John Carlander